Hwobot, a homework robot?

There’s something distinctly universal about school. No one likes the idea, especially if you don’t understand a word your teacher will be saying. Sometimes, students simply need the extra “boost”. However, from the current economy, where schools are cutting back teachers, getting extra help can be hard to come by. which’s where Hwobot, the homework robot, comes in handy. Although the name appears to intrigue by claiming to be an actual homework robot, which will be not definitely the case. the idea’s a homework question as well as answer site, much like Yahoo! Answers. However, the idea carries a few bonus features which I thought was pretty cool.

For one, the site rewards you for answering questions. According to homepage, one top contributor each month will be chosen, by lottery I suppose, as the winner of the monthly giveaway. This specific can range coming from gift cards to last month’s, a Bullet Bill Cap. I thought which was an awesome added incentive to help promote people to help each some other. the idea would certainly also increase which rate which questions are being answered, providing help to needy students quicker.

Another thing I thought Hwobot had one up on Yahoo! Answers was which you can attach files. I know This specific will be definitely useful because oftentimes, when using Yahoo! Answers, I would certainly want to attach a picture to explain what I mean, instead of using just words. Sadly, which was never possible. However, with Hwobot, I could attach pictures for both questions as well as replies, generating communication much easier between questionee as well as respondee. The picture formats, coming from what I could tell, where JPG as well as GIF files. The one bad part of This specific would certainly be which the site doesn’t say specifically what type of files can be attached, leaving the user to guess as well as test.

Lastly, what I definitely loved was which questions can be posted anonymously. today, which may not seem like a big deal, nevertheless to a person who posts a lot of questions, which will be. I don’t have to go through the hassle of creating an account as well as then signing in every single time I want to post a question. I never have to worry about forgetting my username or password. Hwobot keeps everything simple because which’s its goal, to create a place where questions can be freely asked as well as quickly answered. I think which’s another reason why Hwobot has one up on Yahoo! Answers.

Aside coming from those differences, there was the fact which Hwobot looked like a decent site. The structure was very crisp looking, generating the idea easy to navigate. Although there were quite a few ads on the site, the idea doesn’t clog the page. The site had a nice balance of shade, neither neglecting the idea nor using excessive amounts. Overall, the page was well done as well as commendable. I tried asking a few questions as well as they were answered pretty quickly (within the hour). The site boasts a 98% answer rate, which means which almost everyone will have their questions answer. I suppose the only ones which won’t be answered are the incoherent ones, “liezk mi not bad, wass fiftz poos foo?” Well, at any rate, if you ever have a question about school, or looking to answer some questions as well as chance a prize, I suggest giving Hwobot a look-see.

Hwobot, a homework robot?

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